Our media leads us to another unjustified war

Originally published 10/27/06:

 Western media is at it again.  In fact this article is fairly representative of the type of propaganda in the western media outlets in general.  In this article the AP quotes PM Olmert of Israel as saying that Iran is for the destruction of Israel by nuclear weapons and compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler, saying that this is like the 1930’s all over again to Israel.  The AP and the NYTimes print this sort of stuff as if it were gospel, giving to column space to the facts.  

“What facts?” you say?  Baradei of the IAEA (in charge of inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities) saying that there is absolutely no evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran.  That’s a pretty big fact to leave out.  Olmert and Bush are saying that Iran is trying to develope nuclear weapons, but they have no evidence to back up their wild assertions. 

Another important fact is that Ahmadinejad has never threatened Israel with destruction.  On the contrary, he has said that Iran is no threat to Israel.  He has been flagrantly mistranslated from Farsi to English and has simply never said he wants to destroy Israel.  He has said that he thinks the “zionist regime” will disappear from pages of time and expresses his dislike for the zionist regime, but clearly separates the zionist regime from Israel or the Jews.  There are many Jews living in Iran who experience no problems because of their Jewishness.  Here are a few excerpts from previous posts, one where Ahmadinejad was interviewed by TIME Magazine recently, and the other where his mistranslations are translated more properly.  The article from the AP which is typical of the poverty of Western reporting can be found here:


TIME: You have been quoted as saying Israel should be wiped off the map. Was that merely rhetoric, or do you mean it?

AHMADINEJAD: People in the world are free to think the way they wish. We do not insist they should change their views. Our position toward the Palestinian question is clear: we say that a nation has been displaced from its own land. Palestinian people are killed in their own lands, by those who are not original inhabitants, and they have come from far areas of the world and have occupied those homes. Our suggestion is that the 5 million Palestinian refugees come back to their homes, and then the entire people on those lands hold a referendum and choose their own system of government. This is a democratic and popular way. Do you have any other suggestions?

TIME: Do you believe the Jewish people have a right to their own state?

AHMADINEJAD: We do not oppose it. In any country in which the people are ready to vote for the Jews to come to power, it is up to them. In our country, the Jews are living and they are represented in our Parliament. But Zionists are different from Jews.

Ahmadinejad had been interpreted as saying:

“Israel must be wiped off the map”

He should have been interpreted as saying:

“this regime that is occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

Also, where he is quoted to have said:

“There is no doubt: the new wave of assaults in Palestine will erase the stigma in [the] countenance of the Islamic world.”

He should have been interpreted:

 “I have no doubt that the new movement taking place in our dear Palestine is a wave of morality which is spanning the entire Islamic world and which will soon remove this stain of disgrace from the Islamic world.”

Also, where he said:

“that the ‘main cure’ for crisis in the Middle East is the elimination of Israel.”

what he really said was:

“The real cure for the conflict is the elimination of the Zionist regime, but there should be an immediate ceasefire first.”


2 Responses to “Our media leads us to another unjustified war”

  1. 1 Winslie Gomez September 6, 2007 at 9:19 pm

    You must accept of course that spin is here with us to stay.

    Secondly if that is what the ordinary citizens want hear, that is exactly what they will get.

    Somewhere along the lines truth is the victim, as your article rightly points.

    There need to be more voices like yours!
    Good luck and best wishes

  2. 2 theradicalmormon September 6, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks Winslie,
    I’ve got to think there are increasingly more people like you who cannot be spoonfed the spin. Like you say though, the ordinary citizen wants to hear this stuff. A wise man once said that those who are dissatisfied and look for a fight are usually dissatisfied with themselves (or something to that effect). I appreciate your support.

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