HRW finds Israel guilty of Murder

Human Rights Watch today stated the findings of their research into Israel’s murderous attack on Lebanon last summer.  They said that Israel was guilty of indiscrimantly attacking civilian positions when there were no Hezbollah in site.  The article in the NY Times says:

Presenting the group’s findings at a news conference, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, said there were only rare cases of Hezbollah operating in civilian villages.

“To the contrary, once the war started, most Hezbollah military officials and even many political officials left the villages,” Mr. Roth said. “And indeed what we found is that most Hezbollah military activity was conducted from prepared positions outside Lebanese villages in the hills and valleys around.”

Human Rights Watch said it investigated 94 cases of Israeli air, artillery and ground attacks “to discern the circumstances surrounding the deaths of 510 civilians and 51 combatants,” about half the death toll in Lebanon in the conflict. The group said simple movement of vehicles or people, “such as attempting to buy bread or moving around private homes,” could cause a deadly Israeli attack.

I’ve suspected as much for a long time… it’s really nice to see it in print.  Of course Israel denies the findings.  It’s so Bushesque when you can be presented with the facts meticulously documented and brush them off with the wave of a hand and continue your life outside of prison where you should be.

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