America’s indulgence in the 7 deadly sins

Originally published 10/28/06:

Wow!  This guy Jason Miller is a very talented and powerful writer.  In this excellent essay he discusses the 7 deadly sins and gives America a report card in relation to them.  Please enjoy and contemplate this message:

LUST (LUXURIA): Pornification is rampant in our culture. Television, movies, catalogues, and nearly every form of media imaginable are teeming with salacious photos of women wearing little or no clothing. Waves of new pornographic print publications and Websites leave Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine looking almost puritanical. Sexual taboos are on a path to extinction. Inducing ravenous appetites for carnal pleasure, the mass media have tapped into major veins of pathological obsession and the exploitation of women and children. Yet they don’t care. Because sex does indeed sell. It sells so well that Dante’s vision of spiritual cleansing by the flesh-searing flames of a raging conflagration doesn’t even give them pause.

GLUTTONY (GULA): Imagine that the United States is a hog amongst a herd of swine that represents the world population. And that the world’s resources are their slop. America would be one of twenty pigs. Yet come feeding time, the US porker would leave only three fourths of the pig swill for the remaining 19 squealers to share. More than 850 million people around the globe face starvation (2). 33% of US Americans are obese or overweight (3). Like Tantalus, the gluttons in Dante’s Purgatorio spend eternity yearning for food that is in sight but just out of their reach.

AVARICE (AVARITIA): Avarice is the black heart of rapacious capitalism and corporatism in the United States. Enron, Halliburton, Lee Raymond, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Tyco, Bernard Ebbers, 33% of the wealth concentrated into the hands of 1% of the population (4)…examples of obscenely acquisitive entities and individuals are nearly infinite.

SLOTH (ACEDIA): Sloth is perhaps best exemplified by the shocking indifference many US Americans show toward the innocent victims of their pitiless war machine. The United States’ economic and military juggernaut has been waging genocide against Iraqis since the Gulf War. So naturally, instead of focusing on culpability, remorse, or demands to end the state-inflicted murder of millions, our high priests of the temple of information fuel a debate over how much (or how little) “collateral damage” has been caused by US military aggression. Sloth also entails avoiding spiritual work. In a society of people indoctrinated to worship wealth, physical beauty, quick fixes, themselves, and immediate gratification, there is not much danger of over-exertion to reach self-actualization.

WRATH (IRA): Throughout much of its relatively brief existence the United States has inflicted misery upon billions around the globe through intervening militarily and wielding its economic power like a mighty cudgel. When the oppressed finally realized they could resist by employing asymmetric warfare, those crafting Goodthink whipped the multitude into a fury. Directing US Americans’ wrath against Islam enabled the Bush Regime to invade and occupy two geopolitically strategic nations. And the millions of dead or suffering human beings in Afghanistan and Iraq were and are the illegitimate targets of the vengeance and unwarranted rage of wrath.

ENVY (INVIDIA): The moneyed elite in the United States have long coveted their neighbors’ land, resources, and cheap labor forces. Eager to invade, annex, and exploit, the plutocracy began to disseminate the warped notion of Manifest Destiny in the Nineteenth Century. Purporting to have the unwavering support of the Almighty, the “superior” Anglo-Saxons rationalized slavery, the Native American Genocide, the conquest of half of Mexico, the annexation of Hawaii, and their eradication of over 300,000 “savages” in conquering the Philippines. With its vast and sophisticated media network at its beck and call, those monopolizing power in the United States continue to cull popular support for obtaining the objects of their envy. Complex obfuscations and demagoguery may sell their agenda to today’s more sophisticated audiences, but the underlying goals and results have changed little. The power elite want what others have and employ whatever means are necessary to get what they want.

PRIDE (SUPERBIA): Considered by many to be the most grievous of the Seven Deadly Sins, pride was the impetus for Lucifer’s fall. Before their umbilical cord is even severed those born as citizens of the American Empire begin receiving a barrage of assurances from the media matrix that theirs is an exceptionally superior nation. Brimming with hubris and a pathological nationalism, those who have internalized the Big Lie wave their blood-drenched flags in open support of fire bombings, nuclear assaults, the installation and support of ruthless dictators, neocolonialism, and brutal invasions of tiny and vulnerable nations. Enmeshed in the protective cocoon of the Empire, we are imbued with the warped psychological capacity to pursue our narcissistic fantasies while callously disregarding the misery we are inflicting upon other human beings. Many US Americans regard hubris and narcissism as their natural rights. And they exercise these “rights” with the zeal of a jonesing crack addict hustling for their next fix.

To paraphrase Bon Scott, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young: We’re going down. All the way down. We’re on the Highway to Hell.

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