Islamic fascism

Originally published 10/25/06:

Islamic fascism, or, “Islamofascism” is a word that has been thrown around for a while now by White House officials and different media officials.  Do the current enemies of the Bush Administration in the middle east meet the definition of, “fascist?”  Professor Hossein-zadeh presents a very thoughtful and well organized historical discussion on exactly why fascism is far from being the correct terminology for these people.  The Italian Philosopher, Giovanni Gentile said, “Fascism should more appropriately be called ‘corporatism’ because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

The professor states quotes Marc Ash as saying, “Blowing up an airliner full of passengers is barbaric and completely unacceptable, regardless of the objectives of those involved, but it really doesn’t fit the definition of fascism.” (Even if we assume, for a moment, that such wild acts of desperation can be called fascism, still they cannot be called Islamic fascism; just as the rise of fascism in Europe was not, and could not, be called Christian fascism.) Fascism “is not an isolated act of madness, it is a coordinated act of state. All the while private corporations profit wildly.”

The Professor says, “Now, it is obvious that, in light of the characteristics of fascism as a specific socio-historical phenomenon, the Bush administration’s labeling of radical Islamic movements and leaders as fascist, or “Islamofascism,” is sheer nonsense. It betrays either blatant demagoguery, or shameful ignorance, or most probably, both.”

On the other hand, there are those in this conflict that show some of the characteristics of fascism, “But while radical groupings and individuals of the Muslim world (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter) cannot be called fascist, the neoconservative/corporate-run Bush administration does bear some major (though low-level) hallmarks of fascism. These include a tendency to curtail civil liberties and retreat from democratic principles, a penchant to view the peoples and nations of the world as “allies” and “enemies,” a preference to boost the power and fortunes of big business at the expense of the needy and working classes, a desire to manufacture enemies and to invent scapegoats in order to justify wars of aggression, and so on.”

Please read his very educational article at:

Ismael Hossein-zadeh is a professor of economics at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. He is the author of the newly published book, The Political Economy of U.S. Militarism His Web page is


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