The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood.

Originally published 10/09/06:

With all of the crazy stuff going on in the world, the world seemingly descending into a vortex of destruction with the extinction of the human race on the line because of the foolishness of a few men, I thought I’d take a timeout from monitoring the secret combinations of the world for just a post here and turn to the topic of Eternal Life for a moment. 

We had an EQ lesson yesterday on the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, with selected quotes from President Hinckley last conference.  Section 84 of the Doctrine and Covenants is full of meat.  I think it is something priesthood holders should study until the day they die as there are probably multiple levels of understanding to it.  We promise to magnify our calling and the Lord promises we shall inherit all he has.  We are to live according to every word which proceeds forth from the mouth of the Lord.  We are then told that the Word of the Lord is truth and spirit, even the Spirit of Christ, or, in other words, the Light of Christ.  It is this light that brings every person to God, the Father.  However, we often treat this Word too lightly and we are under condemnation until we take seriously the new convenant, even the Book of Mormon.  The Lord then carefully explains what the Book of Mormon means in lifting this condemnation off from our backs.  He says that we will be forgiven of our sins if we continue in solemnity in declaring the Gospel, or the Word which we have received, and preaching it to all the world.  The rest of the section deals strictly with preaching the Gospel.  This is what we need in order to become the Sons of Moses and Aaron, and the Seed of Abraham.  Remember, we as the Seed of Abraham hold the blessings of Eternal Life for all the families of the earth, as this is explained to us in the Abrahamic Covenant. 

What an awesome privilege it is to hold the priesthood of God.  In these last days we will be apparently be doing missionary work under some pretty difficult circumstances, including war conditions.  This is how we can bring home scripture such as Helaman 5 to have meaning in our lives.  Apparently, all who will not raise up the sword against their neighbor will need to flee to Zion.  Of course this Zion is different than the Zionist regime that occupies the government of Israel.  This Zion is the pure in heart. 


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