Olmert feels threatened. What’s with the conditions for the Unity Government?

Originally published 10/03/06:

Of course, after that last post, PM Olmert of Israel has to assert right away that he feels that the existence of Israel is very threatened by Iran’s nuclear program:


One thing I don’t get in this story is the reasoning behind the conditions to recognize a Palestinian Unity Government.  The conditions include recognizing Israel’s right to exist.  The PLO did that in 1993 and what did it get them?  Nothing.  Oslo is dead.  Hamas has state many times their intentions of seeking for a 2 state solution, which implies their recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

For example:

When asked by Newsweek-Washington Post correspondent Lally Weymouth on 26 February 2006 what agreements Hamas was prepared to honor, the new Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh answered, “the ones that will guarantee the establishment of a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital with 1967 borders.” Weymouth went on, “Will you recognize Israel?” to which Haniyeh responded, “If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights then we are ready to recognize them.”

In 1989, Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (assassinated by Israel in March 2004) stated, “I do not want to destroy Israel. We want to negotiate with Israel so the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine can live in Palestine. Then the problem will cease to exist.”

Also listed as a condition is a reliquishment of violence by the Palestinians.  No mention is made of a need for Israel to relinquish its violence, which has done vastly more damage to Palestine than vice versa.

I don’t get it.

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