Gowan’s dissection of US arguements against Iran

Originally published 10/03/06:

Stephen Gowans has written an excellent dissection of the Bush Administration’s arguements for war with Iran, showing that Iran is no threat to the US or Israel and that there is no need to go to war very soon against Iran.  He also shows the connections Secret Combinations have with our murderous intents on Iran.

“The idea the US simply wants concrete assurances Iran won’t use its civilian nuclear power program to develop nuclear warheads is a fraud. It wants to set back the clock to the time it had a compliant ruler in Iran willing to pave the way for US corporations to do business in Iran on profitable terms. In the wake of the US invasion of Iraq, Washington “received a proposal from Iran for a broad dialogue with the United States…including full cooperation on nuclear programs, acceptance of Israel and the termination of Iranian support for Palestinian militant groups. But top Bush administration officials, convinced the Iranian government was on the verge of collapse, belittled the initiative. Richard Haas, head of policy planning at the State Department at the time and now president of the Council on Foreign Relations, said the Iranian approach was swiftly rejected because in the administration ‘the bias was toward a policy of regime change.”‘



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