US supports countries that fire on journalists… like Israel

Originally published 9/30/06:

Talk about freedom of speech…  Journalists working in the occupied lands are working there at extreme risk to their health.  This video documents numerous IDF attacks on cameramen.  Amazing how US officials can make snide quips about freedom of speech in Venezuela, when in reality the media is free to call Chavez alot worse than what he did to Pres. Bush at the UN… and at the same time be supportive of Israel, which in practice seriously abuses freedom of speech or freedom of the press, in a brutal manner.  This video is somewhat graphic, but tells a story that needs telling.


1 Response to “US supports countries that fire on journalists… like Israel”

  1. 1 Rainbow Warrior December 8, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Canadians losing Freedom of Speech
    Seems the Canadian Government is also supporting Israel in it’s deadly rampage. Harper’s Gov want to stifle freedom of speech and make anything said against Israel Anti Semitic. Oddly enough most Canadians know nothing about it. I guess it hasn’t been in the press. Go figure.

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