The drums of war get louder

Originally published 9/30/06:

Congress passed an Iran sanctions bill that would rile Russia as it puts sanctions on any country that helps Iran with nuclear products.  Russia is currently working with Iran on uranium enrichment.  This bill now goes to the President’s desk.

This short-sighted action by the US congress comes as the EU is working hard on getting talks started between Iran, (which has shown some good-faith in coming closer to a temporary suspension of uranium enrichment so negotiations can start with the US) and the US. 

Another point:  In this article I see the following:

“It would be a critical mistake to allow a regime with a track record as bloody and as dangerous as Iran to obtain nuclear weapons,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., sponsor of the measure. “Enough with the carrots. It’s time for the stick.”

I ask Ms. Ros-Lehtinen this:  What is this bloody track and dangerous track record you speak of?  The only war Iran has been in was the Iran-Iraq war, where Iran was attacked, and the US supported Iraq in its efforts and in its use of chemical weapons against Iran.  Are you referring to the hostage crisis where not a single hostage was harmed?  Are you forgetting how the US sheltered the criminal Shah, just prior to the hostage crisis, from extradition for his crimes?  Are you forgetting that we participated in a coup that overthrew a democratically elected leader in Iran and installed the Shah into power?  Perhaps you refer to threats made by Iran.  The only threats made by Iran are against those who are threatening to bomb Iran… especially against Israel and the US, the latter of which has debated dropping nuclear weapons on Iran (in a twist of irony lost on the US public). 

There is no bloody or dangerous track record.  If you can show me otherwise please do so.


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