Gary Hart prophecies war with Iran

Originally published 9/23/06:

Now Gary Hart is the latest to prophesy doom and gloom in Iran.  He seems very intelligent in the area of foreign policy.  In his article he writes of the steps to be taken in an attack on Iran and says the first two steps have already been taken.  Unmanned drones are already flying missions over Iran and our Commandos have apparently been in Iran for more than 18 months now. 

The next step is underway as well.  Airforce tankers and a veritable armada have received orders to deploy to the Persian Gulf and will arrive 10/21/06.

He next forsees the following:  “Then the president will speak on national television. He will say this: Iran is determined to develop nuclear weapons; if this happens, the entire region will go nuclear; our diplomatic efforts to prevent this have failed; Iran is offering a haven to known al Qaeda leaders; the fate of our ally Israel is at stake; Iran persists in supporting terrorism, including in Iraq; and sanctions will have no affect (and besides they are for sissies). He will not say: …and besides, we need the oil.  Therefore, he will announce, our own national security and the security of the region requires us to act. “Tonight, I have ordered the elimination of all facilities in Iran that are dedicated to the production of weapons of mass destruction…..” In the narrowest terms this includes perhaps two dozen targets.”


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