Chavez burns Bush at the UN

Originally published 9/20/06:

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela spoke at the UN today and really didn’t hold much back.  He spoke of the threat of US hegemony/imperialism to the world.  He spoke of the need to reform the UN to a more democratic standard and take away the veto power of the 5 permanent members.  He spoke of the US immoral veto in the recent violence of Israel upon Lebanon.  He spoke of the US determination to get rid of him.  He spoke of looking to a bright future without imperialism.  He spoke of the US sheltering the western hemisphere’s most notorious terrorist (Jose Posada Carriles).  He even held up a copy of Noam Chomsky’s book, “Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States” and recommended it highly to all present.  You can read the full text of his speech at:

The only part I didn’t agree with in his speech was his insistence that Pres. Bush is Satan.  I disagree with that wholeheartedly.  One of Satan’s minions… possibly.  But Satan incarnate… no.  In its usual display of poor journalistic standards though, the New York Times was only able to report this reference to Satan, and reported nothing else of substance in Chavez’s speech.  You can read this really bad reporting at:

The Times article (updated since I first read it) also reports:

Ambassador John Bolton told The Associated Press that Chavez had the right to express his opinion, adding it was ”too bad the people of Venezuela don’t have free speech.” ”I’m just not going to comment on this because his remarks just don’t warrant a response,” Bolton said. ”Serious people can listen to what he had to say and if they do they will reject it.”

The first statement is a lie.  The newspapers in Venezuela have a long leash and virulently attack Chavez with great regularity.  The second statement is a lie as well.  Chavez’s comments do warrant a response… It’s just that Bolton doesn’t have the imagination to deal with them.  His declaration that serious people will reject Chavez’s message is both arrogant and ignorant at the same time.  I’m very serious and yet haven’t rejected it.  How about you?


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