The horror of Gaza part II

Originally published 9/9/06:

And now for more of the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza where the IDF has a blockade in place for over two months now (while the Lebanese blockade is lifted and the Lebanese are fed by humanitarian groups).  People are reportedly scavenging garbage dumps for food and are filled with a sense of hopelessness and abandonment. 

Is this part of what Moroni was talking about when he said that we suffer the poor, hungry and needy to pass us by and we notice them not?  1.5 million Gazans aren’t really being noticed right now and our support of Israel’s actions has been accomplice to this dastardly deed.  Is this what Moroni meant when he spoke of our secret abomination which causes widows to mourn and the blood of the saints of God to cry to God for vengeance?  If so then the sword of justice hangs over us right now my friends.

“The total closure imposed by Israel, supplemented by deadly raids, has led to the collapse of the Gazan economy. The 35,000 fishermen cannot fish because Israeli gunboats will fire on them if they go more than a few hundred yards from the shore. At the same time the international boycott of the Hamas government means that there is no foreign aid to pay Palestinian government employees. The government used to have a monthly budget of $180-200m, half of which went to pay 165,000 public sector workers. But it now has only $25m a month.”


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