Is this not called terrorism?

Originally published 8/30/06:

Is this not called terrorism?  When arab fighters plant roadside bombs, we call it terrorism and lament the deaths of our soldiers.

What should it be called then, when in the last 72 hours of the war with Lebanon, Israel drops 90,000 bomblets on Lebanon, which have had the effect of killing 13 people that we know of in Lebanon so far?  Israel knew the when the end of the war was and deliberately dropped 90% of the cluster bombs they used in the last 72 hours.  In total there are 100,000 estimated unexploded bomblets, each with the capability of taking a life.  Some of those cluster bombs are M26’s with love from the USA.  Including the one that killed the 11 year old boy and his father as he ran to help his son. 

This act is condemned here in the strongest terms by the UN’s Jan Egeland:

Is this not called terrorism?  I forgot… when it is done by armies, especially those allied with the US, it is called war. 


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