Israel shoots at Journalists in Gaza, injures 2

Originally published 8/27/06:

Just as militants in Gaza freed two Fox News Journalists, 2 journalists were wounded in an airstrike on their vehicle, along with 3 innocent bystanders, by the Israeli Army.  The car was apparently clearly marked as a news vehicle, as all news vehicles should be in a war-zone.  “The white sport utility vehicle was emblazoned with the Reuters logo and had “TV” and “Press” written on it in English, Arabic and Hebrew.”  This war-zone is in the midst of an illegal attack on Israeli-illegally-occupied Gaza, where the only people being killed are Palestinians, including women and children, upwards of 200 people since the attack began earlier this summer.;_ylt=AsaMujIhK6o1ImpLSDN8p02s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OTB1amhuBHNlYwNtdHM

The fourth Geneva Convention, article 79, protects Journalists as non-combatants in areas of armed conflict.

Whether Israel purposefully hit the news vehicle or not I don’t know, however, as in Iraq and Afganistan, some journalists have possibly been targeted, probably as they were covering events that could be considered to reflect poorly on the invading or occupying powers.  Al Jazeera was bombed in both places, killing at least one journalist, though their building was clearly marked and their location notified to the US in both instances.  With the second Downing street memo, quoting Bush as saying he’d like to bomb Al Jazeera headquarters in Qatar, I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel used similar tactics and hit journalists to cover their crimes.  This sort of thing happened in Haiti recently as well.

 I should also condemn the kidnapping of Fox Journalists by Palestinians.  No official organization has taken credit as far as I know.  It is a joyful thing that they were released without injury. 


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