Are there any men like unto ammon left in the world today?

Originally published 8/25/06:

The following scripture is striking to me as being very similar to what we have in the Church today.  Ammon tells his brothers how it was at the beginning of their mission.  The Church members in the land of Zarahemla laughed them to scorn at the prospect of performing missionary work among the lamanites, who were thought of as a blood-thirsty, stiffnecked people, who were involved in the worst sort of iniquity from the very beginning.  Instead the sentiment of the members of the Church were of the mind to take up arms and go up and destroy the Lamanites from the land lest they destroy the Nephites.  The Lamanites were considered a serious threat to the security of the Nephites.  Ammon and Co. though, weren’t of the mind to destroy their brothers the Lamanites, but were very anxious to be tools in God’s hands to save a few souls if it were possible.

It seems that Ammon and Co. were in a minority among their brothers as pertaining to peaceful solutions to conflicts and also pertaining to the worth of the human soul as heir to Eternal Glory and the potential to grow to Godhood.  They were fearful of sending anyone along their way to the fires of hell and endless torment.  Even the mere thought caused them to quake and tremble.

Interestingly, when Mormon described Captain Moroni, the crowning complement he could pay to Moroni was that he was a man, even like unto Ammon.

Where are the sons of Mosiah types today?


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