The rules governing the destruction of your neighbor and massive hypocrisy in their application.

Originally published 8/24/06:

One huge bit of hypocrisy practiced and observed carefully by the US and Israel with complicity of the media is the issue that led up to the latest massacres in the middle east. 

This is absolutely mind-boggling.  There was the complaint that the abduction or capture of the IDF soldiers by Hezbollah was the motivation for the invasion and heavy handed destruction of Lebanon. Everything was blamed on Hezbollah.  Therefore, we have a good look at what justifies the destruction of your neighboring country. 

Here’s the kicker.  Israel has been kidnapping Lebanese civilians and members of Hezbollah for years and torturing them in a secret prison called quaintly, “Camp 1391.”  It was so secret that not even the Minister of Justice in Israel knew about it.  Many of the cells are 1.5m x 1.5m.  Many Lebanese have languished there for longer than a decade with no charges leveled against them.  Horrible stuff.  Therefore, as we’ve learned this summer, Lebanon or Hezbollah would have been justified in destroying Israel until the IDF had no more capacity to harm them.  Here’s an article on the discovery of Camp 1391 from the Israeli daily the “Haaretz.”;

Then of course there is the situation of Corporal Shalit, abducted from occupied Palestinian territory, which started the offensive against Gaza, killing a couple of hundred Palestinians, many of whom are Children.  The western media was up in arms.  A soldier kidnapped!  And a 19 year old one at that. 

Completely ignored in the press is the kidnapping by the IDF a day earlier of two civilians, the Muamar brothers, one a physician and the other a student of Islamic law.  They were taken from their homes and have not been charged.

They apparently have the possibility of becoming administrative detainees, the same situation 650 other palestinians endure, languishing without charges for extended periods of time.

Therefore, Gaza also has the right to destroy Israel according to the rules displayed by Israel recently. 

Massive hypocrisy, massively covered up by the US media wouldn’t you say?


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