Fixing the intelligence to fit the policy… again?

Originally published 8/23/06:

Simply astounding.  Top congressional republican leaders and the Bush administration are calling for our official spy agencies to issue more ominous warnings on Iran’s WMD’s and Iran’s threat to our country.

So in other words, the intelligence that is being produced now just isn’t enough to build up a case in the public for going to war with Iran.  What D.C. really wants is some good solid smoking guns so that the goal of going to war can be achieved.  These Gadianton types are also disappointed that US Intelligence is not making a more solid connection from Iran to Hezbollah in the recent conflict over there.  They apparently want the CIA to say that Iran ordered Hezbollah to take the soldiers, so that there is more to convince the US public that Iran is evil and needs to be decimated.  It doesn’t occur to them that if the intelligence doesn’t exist, that the CIA shouldn’t invent it just to serve the purposes of the masters of D.C. 

This is exactly the problem that occurred with the runup to the Iraq war according to the Downing Street Memo.  As you recall it was the Downing Street Memo in which Richard Dearlove, head of British Intelligence told P.M. Blair that, “the intelligence and facts were being fixed [by the US] around the policy (of going to war with Iraq).”

The Secret Combinations in D.C. need to be seen for what they really are.


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