Hezbollah, bigger than ever

Originally published 8/16/06:

Hezbollah is taking on a big role in Lebanon, using its wealth, (mostly from Iran apparently) to begin immediate reconstruction and to offer a year’s rent to those who’ve had their homes destroyed, and free furniture. 

Hezbollah was like this before the war as well, operating and maintaining hospitals and a large benevolent organization meant to benefit the poor in their land.

Hezbollah and Iran seem to know something that the US and Israel apparently don’t.  You win the hearts and minds of the people with friendship, true friendship that really helps people in their hour of true need.  The US and Israel are good at creating that hour of true need, but have not been good at providing friendship when it is most direly needed.  Of course, I’m not saying we should bomb the place to bits and then go in and reconstruct as if we cared or something.  I’m just trying to point out who will become the good guys in the eyes of the Lebanese people and the international community, the friends of the Lebanese people, or those who blew it to bits, or stood by and supported the blowing to bits. 

This represents a sizeable victory and increase in stature for Hezbollah.  The Lebanese Defense Minister has said that they will not ask Hezbollah to disarm.  Israel seems to have failed in their design and has worse than failed, providing an avenue for their enemy to grow in stature.  Perhaps they should listen to Christs teachings, in that we should bless our enemies and do good to those who despitefully use us.



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