War is still a racket

Originally published 8/11/06:

When I was in St. George at my aunt’s cabin last week, I turned CNN on (I don’t get cable at home) and partook of some of the round the clock coverage of the war in Israel and Lebanon.  The CNN production looked very smooth and impersonal… business-like, and I was reminded of the intimate relationship between the media ownership, private corporations that profit from the war machine and weapons sales etc. 

I remember that during the first Gulf War, the Seattle Times (my home paper at the time) was very pro-war.  I later found that the Times was owned 49% by Raytheon, maker of the Patriot Missile we heard so much of in that war. 

Major General Smedley Butler had wonderful insight into the war profit machine early last Century.  He was one of the most decorated military men of his era who served his country well and apparently had a change of heart later on.  He wrote this classic entitled, “War is a Racket”.  Enjoy.



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