America increases military aid to Israel by 43%

Wow.  Amazing.  The US is getting ready to sign a deal to sell the House of Saud 20 billion dollars of killing machines over the next decade, denying that they are promoting an arms race, saying that they are countering the Iranian threat (what threat?) and receiving assurances that the Saudis will be more helpful in convincing the Iraqi Sunni’s to calm down. 

On top of that this article in the NYTimes casually announce that, “the $30.4 billion being promised to Israel is $9.1 billion more than Israel has received over the past decade, an increase of nearly 43 percent.” 

Amazing amount of money we are providing to help people kill each other over there.  We’re already providing astronomical sums of military aid money to Israel, but now we are going to increase that by 43%.  Amazing.

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