Possible imminent Israeli attack on Iran.

Is an Israeli attack on Iran imminent?  The Village Voice seems to think so.  The author points out the war drums are getting louder with

1) Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s minister of strategic affairs, saying that he has approval from the US and the EU for plans attacking Iran and

2) Joe Lieberman saying that Iran has effectively declared war on the US with their alleged assistance of Iraqi insurgents and

3) Condoleeza Rices abrupt cancellation of a trip to Israel and other middle east nations combined with

4) Chertorff’s recent ‘gut feeling’ that we might see an attack from Al Queda this summer (doubtless in retaliation for vamped up US military action in the Middle east) and

5) I just have to throw in the evil emperor chief of secret combinations Cheney’s inherent wicked desire to bomb Iran.

See the article here:


It’s rather good.


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