Israel stops stealing Palestinian money.

It is fascinating how in this article in the New York Times,

where the Israelis are noted to have resumed transfer of tax money to the Palestinians, makes it all sound so clean and legitimate.  There is no intimation whatsoever that Israel has been breaking the law bigtime in stealing this revenue from the Palestinian people since the Palestinians elected a government that Israel doesn’t like, therefore, Israel decided to break it’s agreement and the law and sentence countless individuals to death (who knows what that 600 million dollars could have paid for in the form of human life in this desparately poor country).  It’s all very sanitary and even the fact that Israel has been trying to overthrow a democractically elected government is stated boldly but with no commentary and thus it is left to the reader to take it for granted that it is absolutely, perfectly fine that Israel has been trying to supress the freedom and democratic voice of a people, while in reality, we, who profess to love democracy and freedom for all people, do not even lift an eyebrow in protest. 

How would we think of a news organization that spoke thusly about a bank robber or carjacker etc? 

Can we not see beyond our hypocrisy and cruelty and greed and secret combinations to do the right thing?


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